What is The Questionably Roundtable?

For years now, the hosts behind Show Me Your News and Read the Manual have sat behind a microphone talking about media. Youko, Super, TonyTH, TheDobaga, and GymLeaderBen are more than just individuals defined by their consumed screen experiences. What if these hosts were finally unchained from media and allowed to contribute each of their life perspectives?

The Questionably Roundtable is a show about personalities. Every week, the five hosts will gather for a conversation, as each will contribute their own topic of conversation.

Here’s the catch – the discussions can be about anything. No topic is off-limits. This is our uncensored show, where real life takes center stage. (List topics from first episode)? These are just a small sample in the range of possibilities.

It gets better. The Questionably Roundtable will mark the return of “Mailtime,” commonly known as our user-question format. Essentially, listeners will be able to make suggestions for topics of discussion via social media. In each episode, on top of the topics contributed by the hosts, one listener topic will be selected for the Roundtable discussion. After we get accustomed to running this show, guests will naturally be included – especially when there will be times that a main host will be unable to join that week’s discussion. However, this gives everyone a chance to have their credited voice become a part of the show.

The distribution of this podcast is going to be a bit different, compared to other shows on the SMYN Network. Episodes will be recorded every Friday and will aim to be no longer than 90 minutes. For logistical reasons, the podcast recording will not be streamed live. Then, starting on that following Sunday, the episode will be broken out into parts, one part per day on YouTube, based on each contributed discussion topic. After each part is posted on YouTube, the full episode will be posted on iTunes for you to download.