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Episode 19: Game Worlds and Gift Giving

Miles Allen asks about the hosts’ favorite horror video games, Ben Higbee wonders about what makes the hosts anxious, Rachel Yates inquires about the video game worlds that you wish the real world could become, and Joe DeVader examines how accepting the hosts are when it comes to receiving gifts.


EPISODE 19 ON YOUTUBE (Audio Download Below)

1:16Miles Allen (Solharath) – “What are your favorite horror video games?”
14:25Ben Higbee (GymLeaderBen) – “What makes you anxious?”
30:11Rachel Yates (Eevee) – “If you were to have our own world replace with a world from a video game – which would it be, why, and how would it affect you?”
43:07Joe DeVader (thedobaga) – “How do you respond to the question ‘What would you like for Christmas and/or your birthday?'”

Episode 18: Disney Movies and Sex Shops

Peter Spezia asks about the hosts’ favorite memes or viral videos of all time, Miles Allen wonders about the Disney movies that are the hosts’ favorites, Rachel Yates inquires about sex shops and if the hosts know what an Ann Summers party is, Joe DeVader examines the protests that the hosts have taken part in, and Ben Higbee investigates what allergies the hosts have!


EPISODE 18 ON YOUTUBE (Audio Download Below)

1:39Peter Spezia (SMYNYouko) – “What are your favorite memes or viral videos of all time?”
14:39Miles Allen (Solharath) – “What are your favorite Disney movies?”
26:44Rachel Yates (Eevee) – “Have you been to any sex shops? Do you have any guesses as to what an Ann Summers Party is?”
38:33Joe DeVader (thedobaga) – “Have you ever taken part in a protest? Would you ever and why or why not?”
47:25Ben Higbee (GymLeaderBen) – “Do you have any allergies? How did you find out?”