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Episode 13: Halloween and the End of the World

Joe DeVader asks about the plans that the hosts have for Halloween this year, Peter Spezia wonders about the best candy, Ben Higbee inquires about the place in the United States that the hosts would like to travel to most, Miles Allen examines the hosts’ desires to rule the world, and Rachel Yates investigates the hosts’ dream jobs. Also, in the Mailtime segment, Paul Dovey asks on Facebook what the hosts’ final acts would be, if the end of the world was imminent.


EPISODE 13 ON YOUTUBE (Audio Download Below)

1:59Joe DeVader (thedobaga) – “What are your plans for Halloween this year?”
9:04Peter Spezia (SMYNYouko) – “What is the best candy?”
20:12Ben Higbee (GymLeaderBen) – “Where would you travel, if you could go anywhere in the United States, assuming cost was not an issue?”
28:58Miles Allen (Solharath) – “If you had the opportunity to rule the world, would you take it? How long would you last?”
41:02Rachel Yates (Eevee) – “What is your dream job?”
51:10Paul Dovey (Facebook) – “If the end of the world was imminent, what would your final act be?”

Episode 12: Comfort Food and Game Streaming

Rachel Yates asks about what scared the hosts the most when they were a child, Ben Higbee wonders about the comfort food the hosts like to go to when the gloves are off, Miles Allen inquires about fast food items matching up to their advertised pictures, and Joe DeVader examines what game series the hosts would stream forever if they could. Also, in the Mailtime segment, Missingno87 asks about the fights that the hosts have been in.


EPISODE 12 ON YOUTUBE (Audio Download Below)

2:30Rachel Yates (Eevee) – “What really scared you when you were a child and what frightens you the most now?”
14:06Ben Higbee (GymLeaderBen) – “What food do you go to when you have either thrown in the towel or the gloves are coming off? You do not care and it’s going to be a bloodbath.”
25:23Miles Allen (Solharath) – “Have you ever ordered a fast food item that looked exactly like its picture or did it look completely different?”
36:32Joe DeVader (thedobaga) – “If you had all the free time, money, and resources necessary, what game series would you stream live?”
45:01@Missingno87 – “Have you ever been in a fight?”

Episode 11: Guilty Pleasures and School Dances

Joe DeVader asks about the latest mistake the hosts had when it was totally their fault, Rachel Yates wonders about the guilty pleasures that the hosts have, Peter Spezia inquires about the game shows that the hosts would like to be a contestant on, Miles Allen examines the hosts’ favorite potato chip flavors, and Ben Higbee investigates the memories from school dances that the hosts have. Also, in the Mailtime segment, TomatoSurprise asks on Peter’s old Formspring account about the skills that the hosts wish to learn that take years to acquire.


EPISODE 11 ON YOUTUBE (Audio Download Below)

1:55Joe DeVader (thedobaga) – “What was your latest ‘oops’ moment?”
11:41Rachel Yates (Eevee) – “What are your guilty pleasures?”
24:46Peter Spezia (SMYNYouko) – “What are the game shows of present or past that you would like or would have liked to be a contestant on?”
37:49Miles Allen (Solharath) – “What are your favorite potato chip flavors and which are the ones that you don’t know why they exist?”
49:30Ben Higbee (GymLeaderBen) – “What are your school dance stories?”
1:02:53MAILTIME: TomatoSurprise – “If you could wake up tomorrow morning with one skill that takes years to learn suddenly available to you, which would it be and why?”

Episode 10: Tattoos and Being Male

Peter Spezia asks about the tattoos that the hosts have and want, Rachel Yates wonders about the things that are liked and disliked about being male, Joe DeVader inquires about the weirdest things that the hosts have seen happen to another person, Ben Higbee examines the camping stories that the hosts have. As part of Mailtime, Missingno87 asks on Twitter about the five characters the hosts would replace in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.


EPISODE 10 ON YOUTUBE (Audio Download Below)

2:09Peter Spezia (SMYNYouko) – “Which tattoos do you have, if you have any? If you don’t, which ones would you imagine yourself getting, and where?”
14:36Rachel Yates (Eevee) – “Are there any things that you really like or dislike about being male?”
30:25Joe DeVader (thedobaga) – “What are some weird things that you have seen happen to family members, friends, or anyone?”
43:15Ben Higbee (GymLeaderBen) – “What camping stories do you have?”
56:02 – MAILTIME: Missingno87 – “Which five characters would you remove from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, considering that you cannot replace them with anyone?”