Top 20 Characters that Should be in Smash 4

Thank god for Mr. Awesome.

The List In Question

Got a suggestion for a future list? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Logan

    As the person who wrote this, I agree that it is a shitty list. I was proud of it when it came out and I still am sort of since it was written shortly after I started taking my site more seriously and it was one of my first lists. However, looking at it over a year and a half later, I can see all the flaws with it. Some of the inclusions are absolutely laughable, I used stupid reasons why I wanted the characters included, I swear too much, and it’s poorly written. Honestly, I cringed when I listened to this, because it made me realize how terrible my list is.

    Anyway, thank you for providing me with nearly an hour of entertainment. Sometimes, you have to laugh at yourself

    • thedobaga

      We’re glad you enjoyed! Glad you’re taking criticism well (though I reaaaally hesitate to call what we do “criticism”).

      Thanks for the comment! ~ Doba