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doba - list profile


This mysterious man goes by the name of Joseph “thedobaga” DeVader, and has spent several years online trying to start projects that just seemed to burn out after about two episodes. Eventually he finally found a project that would stick around for the long run with Read the Manual, the podcast about stuff. After Read the Manual was accepted as a main show on the Show Me Your News Network, Doba decided to start three new shows under the banner of RTMCast Productions. The list is one those and has him groaning every week.

He can be reached on his twitter: @thedobaga



ben - list profile pic


The famed “bird hero of SMYN” sometimes goes by the name Benjamin “GymleaderBen” Higbee, and was a close friend of Doba from when they worked teaching at a boy scout camp. He migrated into the SMYN family with Read the Manual and has become a staple of RTMCast Productions next to Doba. He loves tearing down lists that other people put hard work into, and will one of these days get around to making his own.

You know, probably.

He has been sighted on his twitter here: @GymleaderBen